2019 Special Awards

Special Awards

There will be many "special awards" sponsored by various individuals and organizations.  While these are not sponsored by IPMS, or required to adhere to IPMS Judging criteria, they are still wonderful honors. 

Blast From the Past:

This award is for past IPMS USA National Contest First Place, Best in Class and Best in Show award winning models.  In keeping with the Display Only emphasis of the 2019 National Convention, we want to encourage modelers to bring those winning models from the past back out and let everyone see them.  Any model that was a first place winner, a best in class winner or a best in show winner from past IPMS USA National Contests is eligible.  Sponsored by 2019 Convention Chairman Mike Moore, this award will be judged by an anonymous celebrity judge (anonymity is key to discourage graft!)

The Make-A-Wish Merlin Award:

This special award is to celebrate the modeler's ability to magically transform an otherwise ordinary kit into something extraordinary.  The alchemy to turn 'junk into gold" can use any manner of kit as a starting point.  Aftermarket materials should be minimal or used only in unintended applications.   Pure scratch built models will not be considered.  All categories and scales are eligible.

The winner will have a $1000 check presented to the local Make-A-Wish chapter in both the winner's and the IPMS host chapter's name at the award ceremony on Saturday night.  

This award is sponsored by Dr. Kendall Brown, past Board Chair and current Board member of Make-A-Wish North Texas.

Most Outstanding Large Scale 1/32 F-4 Phantom:

This award is to be given to the most outstanding 1/32 scale F-4 Phantom. The kit can be built OOB or totally detailed.

Good luck.