Dinner at Songbirds

BBQ and Guitars…

Give yourself a break from non-stop models and indulge in your love of music and get a great BBQ dinner at the same time.  Thursday 8-8-19 sees us move the party from the Chattanooga Convention Center to the Songbirds Guitar Museum.  The museum will be closing early that day to accommodate us, so for three hours we’ll have the run of the museum all to ourselves.

What is Songbirds?  Well, a trip to their website will give you a good start.

Speaking from a local’s perspective, it’s the single most awe-inspiring collection of vintage guitars I’ve ever seen.  I’m partial to Fender’s, and if you’re like me, you’re in for a treat.  Want to see a Broadcaster?  They have one.  A Nocaster, they have one.  An Esquire…yup, they have one.  But wait, you’re a Gibson guy, they have plenty of Les Paul’s, ES-335’s and SG’s for you to drool over.  Gretsch…got them.  Taylor…got them.  I have no idea what will be on display on the floor when we’re there, but I can tell you that with over 1700 guitars in the collection (as of this writing), there are always some true gems out.

In addition, they will have a stage set up with a drum kit, a bass and a guitar (sorry, it’ll be a current Les Paul, not a vintage model) out.  Put that power trio together and show us what you got!  A battle of the model bands!  And for a special experience, check out their player experiences.  Those won’t be available during the dinner, but you can schedule one on your own.

Dinner will be a BBQ buffet from Mission BBQ.  Many of us in the Chapter think it’s the best BBQ in town.  Something for everyone.  Drinks will include lemonade and iced tea, but fear not, there will also be a cash bar.  This will be a meet and greet style dinner.  Seating will be limited, but there will be some.

Attendance is limited to 225, so sign up quick before it sells out!