Display Only

It's a Model Convention folks!  Let's look at models!

News flash about display only models - for every model you bring for display only, we'll give you a raffle ticket (limit of 10 tickets per modeler).  Want a free shot at some of the raffle goodies?  Bring a display only model.  Want 10 free shots at raffle goodies?  Bring 10 display only models!  We're including the group and club displays as well.  If you have 15 guys in your group who contributed models to your display, you'll get 15 tickets.  So bring 'em on!

That's right...more models = a bigger, better, National Convention.  We are on the verge of breaking the record number of vendor tables set by Atlanta in 2005 (they had 424, we are currently at 408 and rising).  Now we want to set our sights on having a record number of models on display as well...but we can't get there without your help.  We know we won't get there with contest entries only.  And since when did only contest entries count?

Which means we need you to bring models for display only.  We have TONS of space, help us fill it with built models for everyone to see.  Some ideas to make it more fun:

  1. Special Interest Group (SIG) displays.  Come on guys, bring your models and advertise your presence to the rest of IPMS.  There's a page worth of SIG listings in every copy of the Journal...let's see a table from each of them!
  2. Mediocre Models.  NO SUCH THING.  All models tell as story (thanks to Columbia for that one) that needs to be heard, but they need to be seen to tell their story.  Yours will NOT be the worst model on display (we have that covered already so don't fret).  And yes, this is a shameless shout out to the Mediocre Modelers Club...WE LOVE YA!
  3. Club Displays.  How about everyone who comes to the show brings a model plus a couple from club members who can't make the trip and set up a club display table.
  4. Individual Displays.  Bring a selection of your work to put on a table for everyone to see.  Are you one of those "well rounded" modelers who builds across classes?  Let folks see what you do all in one place.  Do you have a favorite modeler who's work you always love to see?  Reach out to him (or her) and encourage them to bring a table's worth.  Are you one of those guys?  No need for modesty.  Let us know you need a table or two and bring some models for display.
  5. Theme Displays.  Atlanta had a table of 109 Me 109s (or is it Bf 109?).  Anyone willing to take on the challenge of coordinating 190 Fw 190s?  We'll provide the table(s)!  Some other possibilities:

Folks, the options for display only are endless.  We are a bunch of model building geeks.  Yes, you read that right.  If you attend a 4 day long National Convention dedicated to the hobby of scale modeling, you are by definition a model GEEK!  We all love to look at models.  So lets look at a LOT of them.  The only people holding us back are ourselves.  Display only will not be an afterthought at the 2019 Convention.  The display tables will be front and center, highlighted and recognized.  They will be in the same room as the contest models.  And we hope there will be a LOT of them!

If you have any questions, or want to make sure we have room for your display, please reach out to one of us:

Mike Moore, Convention Chairman  mmoore1132@gmail.com

Lynn Petty, Consigliere  hlpetty1@gmail.com

Ben Gibby, Display Coordinator  bgibby1964@outlook.com