Model Registration Forms

Model Registration Forms

Please note, we are not doing any "pre-registration" for your models.  However, we definitely encourage you to download the forms you need, fill them out on your computer, save, print, and bring them with you to the convention.  You'll save some time at the show, and the doctor's among you, and those whose penmanship resembles a doctor's, will save everyone some eye strain trying to decipher your writing! (and yes, that most certainly includes your's truly!)

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions...

For those of you waiting anxiously for the model registration forms we have good news...the forms are ready.  But, you have a couple decisions to make.

Are you entering the contest?


Are you doing display only?


Are you doing both?

Never fear, we have a handy flow chart to help you out:

So, now that you know what forms you need, here's where you find them:


Master Model Form

Individual Model Form

Theme and Special Award Key

Display and Blast From the Past:

Display and Blast From the Past master model form

Blast From the Past Form

Display only individual model form