Pre-Awards Reception

Togas optional

(but encouraged)

We are going to try something a little different at this year’s National Convention.  Over the years we’ve noticed that banquet attendees are a much smaller group of folks than the convention registrants.  Is it the relatively overpriced menu (boy, never let the catering service hear you say that!)?  Is it the questionable quality of the food (again, NEVER let the catering service hear you say that!)  Is it the timing?  We don’t know.  But we’ve also noticed over the years a mad scramble for seating once the dinner is over and the awards start.  We know of some folks who buy a banquet ticket just so they have a guaranteed place to sit during the awards.  Sometimes there’s a crowd in the halls trying to follow along.  Some conventions have even simulcast the awards into a separate room.

We are lucky in that the ball rooms at the Convention Center should comfortably seat all who want to attend, the dinner seating capacity is well over 1000.  But we want to get everyone together as the show closes for a big reception.  So we’re going to forgo the banquet.  There are a ton of great restaurants in the downtown area; everyone should be able to find something that suits them.  We’re going to encourage everyone to go out for an early dinner, and then join us back at the Convention Center for a Dessert Bar Reception prior to the awards (a.k.a. the Bill and Aris show). 

So, sign up for our fabulous Dessert Reception for $5, avoid desert at your early dinner, and strip a bed sheet off your hotel bed for a Toga (if you dare) and join the pre-awards party!