Convention Registration

Note - you MUST be an IPMS member (either USA or your home country) in order to register for the convention.  Immediate Family members of a registrant can also get Convention Badges allowing access to all regular convention activities and areas.  Simply list their names in the appropriate space on the registration form (note, it is not outlined in red on the real form).

Non-members, non-family guests, and the general public can attend via daily general admission...see below.

For on-line registration, click HERE.

Or download a fillable PDF here to register by mail.

Model Registration forms coming...

Click here for a note about the Pre-Awards reception, AKA no banquet...

And because we can't think of anywhere better to say it ... general admission will be $12 per day.  However, we REALLY encourage everyone to register for the convention.  For one, you'll get the spectacular convention decal sheet and the swanky pin.  And for another, it'll let you display models!

Model Registration Forms are Here.