2019 National Contest Theme Awards

Was It Over When the Germans Bombed Pearl Harbor?

Models that are just WRONG, and the people who build them! It will be up the modeler to define or explain what is wrong with his or her entry. There is plenty of room here. Is it humorous? Is it hypothetical? Use your imagination. If it's twisted, please keep it PG-13, but have fun with this one!

The Wrecker's Ball

Chattanooga is the birth place of the Tow Truck. The first commercially built tow truck was built in Chattanooga. It's also the home of Miller Industries, a world leader in towing and recovery vehicles; and the home of the International Towing and Recovery Museum. With that kind of connection, we pretty much had to offer an award for the best towing or recovery vehicle. Is it one of the commercially available tow truck kits? Is it a kit bash to turn a pick-up kit into a small-town wrecker? Is it an M-31 or M-32? Bring it and see if you can go home with the Wrecker's Ball trophy!

50 Years of Apollo

Ok, the guys in Huntsville are rocket scientists, and their explanation is kinda long, so click here for it.

Farfegnugen / Fahrvergnugen / Fargengruven…hey, you try to spell it!

Literally German for driving pleasure, Farfeg…whatever…was an iconic Volkswagen advertising slogan from the 1970's. Chattanooga is the home of VW's plant in the US. So it only makes sense for us to have a best VW theme award. Take your best shot at building a model of a VW and see how it fares (This one is for civilian vehicles only).


2019 is the 75th Anniversary of D-Day. Not only on the Beaches of Normandy, but also on the Island of Saipan in the Pacific. So if it was used to assault the Beaches of Normandy or Saipan, support the assaults or defend against the assaults, it qualifies for the D-Day theme. Besides, we couldn't let Bluto have all the fun…